Manual massage the most popular and affordable method of treating cellulite. It helps ensure the blood supply to the tissues, which helps burn fat, brings fresh nutrients and provides lymph retardation.
In order to have a greater effect on anti-cellulite massage, it is extremely important to treat the affected areas with high-quality products. They are hot or cold, and their purpose is to penetrate well through the epidermis and to affect the fatty cell by freeing it from content.

Modeling body massage for healthy shape body contour and anti-cellulite effect with LPG cosmetics -40 min.

Anti-cellulite massage with rubbing ampoule for immediate reduction of circumference of treated areas

Anti-cellulite massage with rubbing ampoule – effectively reduces subcutaneous fat and helps to remove fluids from cellulite areas. It acts toning, nourishing and antioxidant. It is used as an active agent in anti-cellulite therapies.

The latest slimming therapy with an incredibly quick effect

Body therapy with a slimming and modeling effect only in Body T @ lk. The procedure consists of several stages:

Anti-cellulite massage to break down fatty deposits.

Deep rubbing of an anti-cellulite ampoule concentrate. The ampoule is the latest product offered by Body T @ lk, concentrate being used on problem areas affected by cellulite and fatty deposits. The product contains ENTEROMORPHY COMPRESSA – a highly concentrated extract of green algae that has a strong draining action, stimulates fat breakdown, enhances collagen and elastin fibers.

Applying a body mask with a slimming and modeling effect. The mask contains caffeine and L-carnitine, wrapped with foil and left under an electric blanket for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with water. The results of the therapy are immediately visible after it, observing the apparent smoothing of the orange skin.

The products continue to work 24 hours after application and after the 2nd procedure the clients have a reduction in weight and a noticeable reduction of the circumference. Before the first procedure, our kinesitherapists will measure you and create an individual protocol that will keep track of your results.