January Promotion for Face -15% with Pearls and Edelweiss for lifting and shining effect

January Promotion for Face  -15%  with Pearls and Edelweiss for lifting and shining effect

In the cold winter months the skin of our face needs special care. Winter is not just a snow-white tale. It is also a severe skin test. Winter is a time when our skin is exposed to negative influences like frost, snow, wind, plus – a big contrast in temperatures when you exit the room outside and go back again, which is also stressful for the skin.Therefore, in the winter it is necessary to pay special attention to the “nutrition” and moisturizing the skin. But if you take proper care of it during this harsh season, you can avoid any problems.

Cutting cold, snow and piercing wind are the cause of frozen hands and tired, flaking and dry skin.

Which woman would be happy with such a look ?!

But do not rush to be angry at winter. If you learn to take proper care of your skin during this harsh season, you will be able to enjoy the winter beauties – even if you are not sworn skiers.

Here at Body T @ lk we have a solution:


The therapy uses all the energy and shine of the pearls to deliver it to the skin.They are granulated into micro molecules for easier penetration into the skin pores. The pearl powder is rich in bioactive molecules.
These valuable molecules are rich in proteins and amino acids that reduce fine lines and wrinkles by firming and toning the skin.Edelweiss is the most valuable plant in the Alps, growing up to 2700m. Because of the harsh conditions in which it lives it has built several defense mechanisms. By applying it on the skin, it also acquires these properties. The most precious of which is to retain moisture.

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– face60 min.90 BGN77 BGN
– face and neck75 min.110 BGN94 BGN
– face, neck and neckline 90 min.130 BGN111 BGN