Whole body Reiki sessions

An ancient method of treatment by directed energy and laying hands in certain positions throughout the body. Reiki heals complex / body, emotions, psychic-mind, soul /. You reach deep relaxation, balance and harmonization of energy centers, stress and negative energy.

Reiki is the most natural, harmless and efficient method by which we can maintain a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

REIKI local session over a problem zone

It works directly with the problem area and the associated root cause, as Reiki heals the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.насочено към проблемната зона, и свързаната с нея първопричина, тъй като Рейки лекува корена на проблема, а не само симптомите.

Classical massage of the whole body along with REIKI session of the whole body

Combination of the benefits and pleasant feeling of classical massage and the gentle, relaxing and curative impact of Universal Lively Reiki Energy.

REIKI session over the whole body with natural crystals and minerals

Natural crystals and minerals are used, which themselves are healers. They have enormous potential to absorb and transform the negative energy, and at the same time to fill with pure, curative, positive energy. They enhance and speed up the healing process.