Therapy focuses only on the eye contour „3 in 1“

Therapy focuses only on the eye contour “3 in 1”

Care in three directions:

  • Bags and puffiness
  • Dark circles
  • Anti-wrinkles

 Who is this therapy for?Women of all ages with specific eye care, such as puffiness, bags, dark circles, greyish tan or expressive wrinkles around the eyes.

The procedure includes:

  • Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned and exfoliated.
  • Gentle rubber on the face.
  • Putting in a golden serum for eye contour with gold, arginine, hyaluronic acid and botox effect.
  • Massage around the eyes with special massage sticks for eye contour.
  • Applying MASK for eye contour with rose and collagen. The rose extract reduces dark circles and puffiness.Contains rice powder and collagen from fish skins. Hydrating. The fine wrinkles are smooth, and the dark circles are brightened.
  • Ends with Marine Stem Cell Surgeon Cream. A powerful formula for the eye contour with marine stem cells, lightening agents and caffeine. Improves cellular regeneration, deeply hydrates and reduces fine lines around the area of ​​the eyes and mouth. The skin around the eyes is smoothed and filled with energy.


• Wrinkles under the eyes are less visible and smoother.

• Reddening is weaker.

• The eyes look rested and fresh.

• The bags and dark circles have faded.

• The upper eyelids are raised.