A THERAPY WITH STEM CELLS, restoring skin power

A THERAPY WITH STEM CELLS, restoring skin power

 Suitable for both younger and mature combined skins.

Improves skin regeneration and protective functions. Reduces the aging process.

Improves skin elasticity and gloss; rapid healing of scratches, wounds  and scars; increases the metabolism of epidermal cells; preserves the structure and integrity of lipids; reduces melanin, which is responsible for the appearance of pigment spots.

The therapy uses Marine stem cells from the plant Cristemarine (Crithmum maritimum), growing along the shores of Lake Bretagne France. Plant stem cells have genes very similar to those of an adult person, placed in the right way on the skin of the face they have a positive influence on its vitality.

Through multiple clinical trials, Criste Marine stem cells have been shown to contain a very rich arsenal of “youthful qualities” that delay aging.

Because of the qualities it possesses and its influence on the skin it is recognized as the 21st century plant with the most beneficial ingredients for the skin.

The procedure includes:

  • BEFORE THE PROCEDURE, SKIN CLEANING AND EXFOLIATING with cleansing milk with algae and collagen.
  • GENTLE PILLING WITH PEARLS – Contains 31% Calcium and 56% Protein and ANA from ALGAE,  Glycans from  Red algae. They  are a powerful lightening agent and have a perfect effect  working against pigmentation.
  • Insertion of SERUM WITH LIFTING FILER Pearl effect with hyaluronic acid, pearls and silk.

Mother of pearls serum is suitable for all skin types. After use, the skin is stretched and tight. Fight the dark spots and acne scars. Balances the PH on the skin, chin, nose and balances PH on the skin.

  • Ends with CREAM MASK WITH STEM CELLS restoring skin power

The mask is a journey of youth to your skin. The mask works in 2 directions:

  1. Relaxing effect: The light texture and pleasant aroma have a relaxing effect on the

client. Endorphin is released – the hormone of happiness.

  1. Effect of hydration and anti-aging. Hydrates the skin in depth, removes fine lines

and raises the oval of the face.

Benefits: Instant lifting and tightening. Deletion of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the turgidity and structure of the skin. Improves the condition of lipids and proteins in the skin responsible for its luster and glow