AROSHA Cellulite Fighting Bandages

Tonus, reduction of measures, hydration and prevention of premature aging of the skin. Stimulates the mechanism of degradation of triglycerides and leads to weight loss. Improves the appearance of orange skin. The product enables therapies to be done in all areas of the body.

Active Ingredients: caffeine / excellent anti-cellulite, helps drainage, detoxification and accelerates metabolism by reducing water retention / guarana / tonic and burns triglycerides / escina / anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties, drainage, , fukus vesiculosus / marine oak or brown algae /: removes saliva and toxins from the body and stimulates metabolism. The presence of iodine helps to destroy the fatty deposits in the hypoderm.

The procedure includes:

  1. / glycol peeling of problem areas in which to work;
  2. Applying and rubbing the ampoule / serum / the concentrated cocktail of active ingredients prepares the skin to maximize the effect of the problem /;
  3. / bandage of problematic zones, on the bin wrapped with foil and spa blanket, the products are allowed to work for 30 minutes;
  4. Apply the final product with a draining massage: CELL ACTION massage cream containing extracts of sea oak and ivy to help remove the body’s saliva and toxins, destroying fat deposits, smoothing and toning the skin.