IPL for removing facial spots and

IPL for removing facial spots and extended blood vessels 

Suitable for this type of laser treatment are:

  • Age spots (red / brown pigmentation)
  • Damages by the sun
  • Vascular lesions
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Freckles 


– direct exposure to sun or tanning – including solarium;

– is contraindicated for at least 2 weeks;

– stop taking local irritants and anticoagulants;


Your skin will be sensitive to sunlight, so use:

– A suitable sunscreen product for at least 3 weeks;

– Hydrating Cream. – Avoid exposure to direct sunlight;

REQUENCY: The number of manipulations performed should be determined by the treating physician considering the condition of your skin. It usually includes 3 to 5 procedures, each performed at three-week intervals. Immediately after the procedure, the skin of the face will be flushed and you will feel mild warmth in the area of ​​the treated areas. These are normal reactions and usually resolve within an hour or two. During the next 24-48 hours, you can see the pigment lesions darken, and in the next 2 weeks they will fade, which will lead to smoothing and leveling of the complexion. 

RISKS AND ADVERSE REACTIONS: Failure to follow the recommendations, especially those related to sun exposure, may lead to permanent hyperpigmentation. Redness and swelling of the treated site. In some lesions, exposure to the sun may cause them to reappear. 

By submitting several procedures in a row, you will only improve the end result. For better effect, several sessions are recommended because an isolated procedure will not be enough to achieve the desired result, namely a healthier and fresh skin.