LPG therapies for face and Mechanic Lifting

Studio for a healthy body and beauty Body T@lk has two of the newest devices of LPG:


These are the newest generation devices of LPG and they grant the most modern Lipomassage and Endermolift techniques for precise work and results for body and face.

LPG is 100% natural, mechanical, cell stimulation, which renew the cell activation naturally! LPG technique is the one and only mechanical, natural, non-aggressive technique, which immediately breaks up the fat deposits and tightens the loose skin.

12 procedures achieve:

  • 240% more collagen production.
  • 140% greater elastin production.
  • 43% reduced wrinkle depth
  • 53% less relaxed skin
  • 48% less fat
  • Fills the wrinkles, tightens the contour
  • Returns the vitality of the tired skin
  • Tightens and tones the relaxed skin
  • Reduces edema
  • Removes the double chin
  • Relaxes facial muscles

With the new Ergolift working head and its patented new MPF (Pulse Lamp Engine with LPG Engine) technology. MOBILIFT M6 provides perfect face therapy: Endermolift, new generation:

ENDERMOLIFT naturally stimulates the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. The micro-pulses of the procedural tips (LPG patent) awaken the fibroblast (cells responsive to the youthful and elastic appearance of the skin), and the production of collagen and elastin is enhanced.

ENDERMOLIFT is the first and only worldwide technique that has scientifically proven to increase the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 80%.

– 100% natural – Fast procedures: 10 minutes for the new “purposeful” procedure, up to 30 minutes for anti-face and neck

Scientifically proven results:

Hyaluronic acid + 80% Elastin + 46% Shine + 98% Wrinkle softening + 21% Skin tightening + 23% Stop the breakdown of collagen and increase the synthesis of a new and quality one.

Ergolift LPG works at different depths of the skin thanks to the successive, rhythmic suckings of a skin fold. Cells are stimulated by the different pulse rate.

Main advantages:

Extremely precise tissue stimulation, over a thousand different settings

Constant monitoring of the tissues through the transparent blood flow control chamber

Access to sensitive areas

How it works: The Ergolift procedure stimulates better the natural healing process (tissue stimulation improves by 270% ¹). Beauty for men and women: 16 Standard Procedures (Anti-Ageing Tightening, Anti-Ejing Shaping, Detox, Shiny Skin, etc.) 20 purposeful procedures (upper face, facial oval, double chin, neck, breast, hands, etc.) Who can benefit?

ENDERMOLIFT is applied to all visible signs of aging. The face, neck and neckline are treated. Smooth the facial contour (jaw line, eye area, lips), work on the forehead, chin, cheekbones, neck and décolleté. Let’s not forget the lift effect that is noticeable after the first procedure.

Thanks to procedural tips of various sizes and precise settings, the ENDERMOLIFT technique offers both men and women an individual and remarkably effective anti-ejing solution. Procedure after procedure, deep lines and wrinkles are wiped off, the contours of the face are tight and the tan is shiny.

ENDERMOLIFT is ideal for all men and women who care for themselves, regardless of their goals – protocols have been developed for everyone.

Is there evidence of its efficacy?

More than 85 scientific studies support the efficacy of LPG technologies.

After an eight-week course, the collagen and elastin fiber network is firmer and better structured.

After an 8-week course, the contours of the face are visibly redesigned ***

According to Professor Philippe Humbert, director of the dermatology department of Besancon Hospital, “This non-invasive 100% physiological approach is a promising and effective new therapy based on natural biological mechanisms.”

Two prestigious international awards have been awarded to LPG Systems for high-tech innovations that the company introduced in 2013 with the NEW ENDERMOLIFT TECHNOLOGY for Face, Shea and Decolte.

This is the only technique in the world that scientifically demonstrates for the first time how natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid can be increased (by + 80%).